The Mirror

“He's more myself than I am.
Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”

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Se guardassi i miei occhi ti spaventeresti nel vedere quanto dolore ci sia dentro.

Non ti perderò se ti incontrerò in un’altra vita…


Tongabezi Lodge - Zambia, South Africa

Scenically located along the Zambezi River, near the famous Victoria Falls, Tongabezi Lodge offers upmarket and authentic African experiences. The luxury camp consists of 10 houses and cottages, each with its own character, private valet and gorgeous surroundings. The African-inspired interiors feature beautiful open-plan design and traditional furnishings made from locally-sourced materials. Meals consist of fresh seasonal food and are served in various open air decks across the camp.


Guerra e Pace- Tolstoj

Il fait à présent la pluie et le beau temps
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